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Whether you’ve finally outgrown spreadsheets or recognized it’s time for better software, you need a scalable bakery management system that drives product quality and business growth.

The missing ingredient

Traditional bakery software is either completely customized or based entirely on standardized software. It can take years for custom software vendors to release up-to-date functionality, and standardized software forces users to live without key features — or adjust their processes to adapt. Neither option is ideal.


Your recipe for success

Admiral West combines the world’s most trusted business management software, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, with leading process manufacturing software — and proprietary scheduling functionality — to create a bakery manufacturing ERP solution that delivers optimal compliance, operations and profit.


Driven by your success

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Automate lot tracking & tracing

Lot tracking is critical to comply with strict food industry regulations. With end-to-end bi-directional traceability, you’ll be able to meet complex requirements and address audits —improving risk management and control.


Respond to recalls in minutes

When recalls happen, time is of the essence. If every item involved in the manufacture of the final product is accounted for, you’re able to respond in minutes, instead of days — minimizing the impact on consumers and your business.


Manage recipes easily

Recipes are your intellectual property. Ditch the recipe cards for good — write, track, revise and search every recipe from a central database. You’ll be able to create multiple versions of each recipe and monitor waste and variations.


Improve production scheduling

Weekly production planning was an eight-hour job, until Admiral. Get it done in as little as 15 minutes. With active sales orders at your fingertips, you can easily schedule baking based on product type, ingredients, manufacturing sequence or any number of product attributes — all while maintaining visibility into capacity.


Maintain profitability

Accurate data is key to improving your bottom line. Gain visibility into the actual costs of finished goods, from raw materials and packaging to labor and overhead. You’ll improve pricing and make informed decisions based on product profitability.


Optimize business management

Product quality and customer service go together. Admiral makes quality control testing seamless. Built-in CRM and logistics tools help your teams manage meetings, orders and deliveries — ensuring ongoing customer satisfaction.

Admiral West — your partner in bakery optimization

You’ve been avoiding it. “We’re not big enough. It’ll be too disruptive. We can make do.” And we get it. Change can be tough. But making the switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is all upside – for your team, your customers and your bakery. As a Microsoft partner and bakery software expert, Admiral West can make it happen, seamlessly.


How we work for you

Step 1


How is your bakery currently managing operations? We identify areas for improvement and show you how our solution can help you build a better business.


Step 2


We understand change can be challenging. A detailed plan, timeline and associated costs will prepare everyone for a structured transition that gives you peace of mind.


Step 3


A phased approach to bakery software implementation ensures your operations run smoothly. We manage everything from data transfer and inventory control to invoicing.


Step 4


We get buy-in from your people through a comprehensive, custom training program. Our goal is to get your team up to speed, on board and ready for change.


Step 5


Whether you need help integrating a new process or require technical support, our team prides itself on being highly proactive and responsive.


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