eCommerce Management Software

A Unified Commerce Platform

For eCommerce companies, the line between where demand is created and fulfilled is thin. With same-day delivery standards set by Amazon, “fast delivery” and accurate order fulfillment is more important than ever.

With the right tools, your data is building an intelligent supply chain, ensuring that you not only meet your customer’s needs but exceed their expectations.


Admiral Consulting Group’s proven eCommerce software solutions simplify these crucial tasks and help you improve your customer service, drive cost reductions and face other unique challenges.

Your Data at Work

Our powerful back-office business management solutions harness data from your eCommerce platforms to build a powerhouse of actionable information and insights so you can make better decisions, faster.

  • Leverage integrated supplier portals to build strong vendor relationships, manage demand efficiently and reach customers quickly
  • Improve inventory optimization with robust reporting on powerful data sets
  • Automate order management and eliminate human error
  • Make data-driven decisions based on business intelligence that allows you to identify your top customers and your most popular and profitable products
  • Expand your business to big box retailers by meeting trade requirements and implementing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions and cut time spent on order processing

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No matter what you sell, you need a scalable solution that meets the demands of your customers and your business. With Microsoft Dynamics, start with what you need today and be ready for growth.

With real-world experience and deep knowledge of the eCommerce industry, Admiral Consulting Group improves the way you conduct business – giving you a serious advantage over your competition. We have implemented integrated eCommerce solutions for a wide range of firms with a variety of focuses.

Admiral Consulting Group has the experience to provide and construct the business management software you need to be more competitive.

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