Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
— but for bakeries.

No matter what collection of tools you’re currently using, we can help you make a seamless transition to the world’s most trusted business management software — so you can build a better bakery.

You’re weighed down by software

If you’re like most bakeries we work with, chances are you’re using at least three software programs: One for accounting, another for scheduling and a series of tools for communicating with customers. Each of these programs operate separately from one another, creating tons of extra work (and inefficiencies!) for you and your team.


Time to get your head in the cloud

When key business functions are connected and centralized, it’s easier to manage inventory, track and deliver orders and optimize your processes as well as your entire bakery operation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central eliminates software siloes, bringing everything together for greater efficiency, better insights and improved productivity — boosting your bottom line.


Driven by your success

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The Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central — with an extra ingredient

You’ve been avoiding it. “We’re not big enough. It’ll be too disruptive. We can make do.” And we get it. Change can be tough. But making the switch to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is all upside – for your team, your customers and your bakery. As a Microsoft partner and bakery software expert, Admiral West can make it happen, seamlessly.

Automate your supply chain.


Inventory Management

Track stock levels, monitor expiration dates and generate reorder suggestions to reduce waste and avoid stockouts.


Demand Forecasting

Enter sales forecasts to drive production scheduling and suggested purchases, reducing the risk of overproduction and underproduction.


Procurement & supplier management

Generate purchase orders for ingredients, packaging and supplies based on safety stock levels, sales and production demand, and other parameters to streamline the purchase process.

Run smarter operations.


Production Planning

Optimize production schedules and streamline workflows based on demand, inventory levels and order schedules to ensure the efficient use of resources.


Recipe Management

Create and manage recipes including ingredient lists, quantities and instructions based on batch sizes to ensure proper production and product quality.


Quality Control

Automate inspections and checks during the production process and generate reports to maintain consistent product quality and ensure compliance with industry standards and customer requirements.

Maximize your margins.


Order Fulfillment

Consolidate orders, generate picking lists, schedule deliveries and provide real-time visibility into order status to reduce errors and improve customer satisfaction.


Financial Management

Automate invoicing, payment tracking and financial reporting for accurate cost calculations and financial analysis that helps you make informed decisions.

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Admiral West — your partner in bakery optimization

Software isn’t enough — you need a solution. But with a bakery to run, there’s little time to plan, implement and train your team on a new software platform. That’s where we come in. Admiral West has 15 years of experience successfully transitioning bakeries from spreadsheets and disjointed software products to a fully integrated bakery management system. And we’re ready to do it for you.


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