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The distribution industry is continually facing new challenges and opportunities as globalization and trade trends evolve. Companies are shifting to more advanced supply chain management processes as concerns grow over increased global competition. In this era more than ever, the right wholesale distribution software solution is imperative to managing your inventory and related information effectively and efficiently.


Admiral Consulting Group’s proven distribution software solutions simplify these crucial tasks and help you improve your customer service, drive cost reductions and face other unique challenges.

Fortify your operations.

  • Increase efficiency with fast order entry, dynamic pricing options, data integrity and enhanced routing, delivery and loading plans.
  • Manage your inventory with real-time data to reduce excess inventory, avoid stock-outs, rapidly locate inventory, decrease returns and reduce picking errors.
  • Make data-driven decisions based on business intelligence that allows you to identify your top customers and your most popular and profitable products.
  • Improve your customer and vendor experiences by creating a unified system for managing sales, marketing and customer service.
  • Expand your business to big box retailers by meeting trade requirements and implementing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solutions.
  • Collaborate with your clients and extend real-time supply chain visibility through an integrated wholesale distribution Web portal.

Distributing Our Knowledge To Aid Your Competitive Advantage

With real-world experience and deep knowledge of the wholesale distribution industry, Admiral Consulting Group improves the way you conduct business – giving you a serious advantage over your competition. We have implemented wholesale distribution software for a wide range of firms with a variety of focuses.

Whether you concentrate on managing distribution accounts with large and small retailers, work with consumer packaged goods or are a middleman or a major reseller, Admiral Consulting Group has the experience to provide and construct the business management software you need to become more agile and achieve operational excellence.

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